Cindy Crawford Still Uses This Old-School Trick to Pose in a Bikini


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Want to know how to pose like Cindy Crawford in a bikini? Easy, give the supermodel’s Instagram account a few scrolls, and you’ll come across the below video of her providing step-by-step tips on how to pose in a swimsuit to look your best. Thanks to her #MTVMondays series, we can relive the clip that originally aired in the early ’90s when Crawford was the host of MTV’s House of Style. We suggest giving the hashtag a scroll because the throwback footage will give you all the old-school ’90s feels.

But for now, scroll down to learn Cindy Crawford’s three-step trick to perfecting the bikini pose.


The art of bikini posing for #MTVMondays. @Cindylpearlstein, this one is for you!

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