I've Assembled 5 Stylish Outfits Solely Around These £50 Boots

Being an editor, I'm usually pretty open to trying new trends, never passing judgement before I give it a whirl first-hand. Only then do I decide whether it's something I'll be carrying into my wardrobe. However, I have to admit that there's one trend I'd sworn off before I even attempted it, and that's chunky knee-high boots.

I have a hard time finding boots I like regardless. However, being a mere 5'3" tall and having shorter legs, I was quick to assume that chunky knee boots just wouldn't suit me. But then, I spoke to my colleague, Who What Wear editor Emma Spedding, who told me she had found the perfect pair of chunky knee-high boots—get this—on the high street.

Prior to this pair landing, only Ganni seemed to be getting in on the chunky-knee-boot action, and I just wasn't prepared to drop a surplus of £400 on a pair of boots I was already mentally filling out the return form for. But £50 from Marks and Spencer? I thought, "What the heck—it's worth a shot."

The actual boots I wore—Marks and Spencer's incredible £50 pair. 

Here are the cliff notes. I ordered them, I tried them on, and I was pleasantly surprised. Owning to having legs on the short side, I'm used to knee-high boots coming up too high, sitting awkwardly on my knee. But not these. In my case, they sit precisely where I want them to.

Emma had already warned me that they weren't exactly roomy around the calf, and she was right. I'm a pretty true size 12, and they only just zip up over leggings or jeans (as you'll soon see). This, I'll admit, was a disappointment, especially from Marks and Spencer, which I've found to be more generous with its boot sizing in the past. So it's something to bear in mind if you're thinking of investing in them, too.

All in all, I'm pleased with my purchase of trending boots. I genuinely think they look just as good as the real designer deals that are knocking about now. Like everything new I buy, I always make sure I can wear the item with several outfits to ensure it's worthwhile. I took snaps as I went along, and I thought, "Why not share them with you," if for no other reason than to prove just how versatile they turned out to be. So scroll on to see the five chunky-knee-boot outfits I'll be wearing this autumn. 






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