34 Excellent Gifts for the Excellent Men in Your Life

As a shopping editor, a question I find myself being asked again and again by friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances alike is, "What do I buy the man in my life?" I don't like to generalise but, whether he's your dad, brother, best friend, or significant other, they can be more difficult to shop for. Why? I can only speak from personal experience, but the men I buy presents for are a little less picky, which in turn makes shopping for them a broad prospect. This, however, makes them no-less deserving of the consideration I'd ordinarily pour into gift-buying—it just means I might have to think outside of the box. 

As your self-appointed personal shopper, I'm here to give toy a helping hand where your male-orientated Christmas shopping is concerned. Below I've curated an edit of guaranteed-to-please Christmas gifts for men, which range from a quintessential (albeit seriously stylish) pair of new socks to cult-status trainers, all the way to sleek outerwear to grooming essentials—with a few curveballs thrown in for good surprise measure. So without further ado, scroll below to see and shop the best Christmas gifts for men. 

It might be chilly out, but that doesn't mean he can't look suitably stylish. 

The spicy notes in this scent are so incredible, you'll want to borrow it from him. 

Encourage him to flex his cooking muscles with this pasta maker. 

These sunglasses will bestow his outfits with instant cool. 

He's never used a razor this sleek before. 

This wallet comes in so many stylish colour ways. 

If he doesn't already own a pair.

Shackets always go down a treat, 

This shaving set is a firm favourite in my household. 

What is Christmas without a new pair of socks? 

I always gift this to the men in my life as, let's face it, they need SPF built-in if they're ever going to wear it. 

If he's an avid sportsman, he'll definitely appreciate this. 

This will be the first thing he reaches for on Boxing Day. 

A carafe and glass that are too cool to be stashed away in a cupboard. 

Boots for men are hard to come by, but this pair is near perfect. 

The bar trolley–worthy bottle is almost as impressive as the gin itself. 

A classic piece of jewellery that'll never date. 

Appeal to his adventurous side with this breathtaking coffee table book. 

This belt will go with every single outfit he wears. 

I've tried this body wash and can confirm it smells incredible. 

Men deserve gorgeous cashmere just as much as women do. 

Now he can take his sommelier skills up a notch. 

Le Labo's minimal packaging is sure to be a hit when it comes to curating his bathroom shelf. 

An essential wrap-up warm accessory.

Because you know he's dying to start a vinyl collection. 

Try pairing this present with a pack of his favourite ale. 

I'm a sucker for a grandad collar. 

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