24 Gifts That Prove to Your Best Friend That You Know Her the Best

Why is it, that the people you know the best can be the hardest to buy for? You can spot a new purchase on them from a mile away and instinctively recognise something they would never wear, and yet when it comes to narrowing down a thoughtful surprise, you have a higher success rate with “secret Santa” and a bunch of randoms at work. Funny that.

We’ve all got the following friends: Miss Buys Everything She Wants Anyway, Miss Only Likes Eye-Waveringly Expensive Investment Pieces and Miss Takes Everything Back to the Shop, and as much as we love them, they’re the hardest bunch to wow with a great Christmas present.

Which is why we’re here to help. Our edit pulls in the gifting classics that aren’t to be sniffed at, including candles, lingerie and makeup, which all make wonderful presents, especially at Christmas when retailers go the extra mile with fancy packaging and presentation boxes. No one will want to take these back.

Then there are the niche, independent brands that Miss Buys Everything She Wants Anyway probably won’t have seen anywhere else, so she’ll (hopefully) be pleasantly surprised. And for the luxury style mavens, a box of Bella Freud Ginsberg Is God matches is almost as good as the cult jumper, right?

As they say, giving is better than receiving, and that’s never truer than when you’ve got a corker of a present up your sleeve. So scroll through the gallery below to see the standout Christmas presents your best friends are guaranteed to love.