5 Perfect Christmas Day Outfits for Every Family's Dress Code

There are some big question marks over Christmas this year, as office parties and group gatherings aren't on the cards, and restrictions will potentially impact plans for the actual day. December is usually a time for back-to-back parties, but after a difficult year, family and friends will be the most important thing about Christmas for many this year. 

It might be difficult to plan anything in 2020, but one thing we can start thinking about is our Christmas Day outfits. Whether you'll be celebrating with Zoom calls or at home, the below ensembles will make you feel a little special, whatever you have planned. People have very different ideas about what a Christmas Day outfit should look like. Some dress up in silks and sequins, while others have a strict "pj's only" policy. Whatever your stance is on the December 25 dress code, we've found perfect outfits for you to re-create this Christmas.

If your family dresses up, we've found a green velvet midi dress that is still comfortable for a day of feasting but still delivers all of the glamour. If you like to have fun with your Christmas look, then stick with a red and green festive colour palette. But if getting dressed isn't your vibe, layer up the cashmere and cosy knits, to do your very best Cameron Diaz in The Holiday impression. Keep scrolling to see and shop these Christmas-ready outfits.

If Your Family Really Dresses Up

Style Notes: If you aren't one of those people that goes on long walks on Christmas Day, then make the most of being sofa-bound by putting on your most fabulous stilettos. And if your family dresses up, just know that sequins aren't just for New Year's Eve. 

If You Don't Leave the House

Style Notes: If you want to feel like you're wearing your PJs, but not feel too scruffy, opt for a pair of jogging bottoms and a chunky cream knit. 

If Your Day Always Involves a Long Walk

Style Notes: If you go for an appetite-inducing hike, then Lucy's chunky boots and beanie hat are no-brainers.

If Christmas for You Is About Acting Like a Big Kid

Style Notes: For many of us, Christmas is all about acting like a child—and why not reflect that in your wardrobe? Wear primary school brogues, a white shirt and tartan like Always Judging and you'll feel like Princess Charlotte. 

If You Want to Dress for the Countryside

Style Notes: Hill House Vintage often dresses in a nostalgic countryside way, and at Christmas often wears tweeds, waistcoats and tailoring. Perfect for a Christmas in the country. 

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