Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Message for Body Shamers

Given the sheer numbers involved, you may think celebs wouldn't read their Instagram comments like we do, but as Elle pointed out, they totally do. Just look at Chrissy Teigen. That's right, she reads most of her comments—especially from the haters. "I would like to say I read everything, because it's pretty damn close. Probably 99.5 per cent of things I really do read. And if I'm not reading it, it just means that I missed it," she told Us Weekly.

It's the body-shaming ones that hurt the most. "It's almost like walking up to somebody's house, knocking on the door and being like, 'You're fat,'" she told Us Weekly. "I don't know if they think they're ballsy or what. But if you're going to speak negatively about me, just do me a favour and don't tag me in it." We couldn't agree more!

What do you think of Chrissy responding to her Instagram comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And if you're feeling inspired by Chrissy, enhance your next Insta post with these gorgeous blouses she'd totally wear!

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