Chrissy Teigen Reveals the #1 Thing You Should NEVER Do On Instagram

If there's one celebrity who has a thing or two to say about social media, but who actually has some authority to do so, it's probably Chrissy Teigen. She has nearly two million dedicated followers, all of whom seem to worship her posts—which vary from stunning selfies to silly ones to enticing photos of the dinners she prepares with hubby John Legend.

And now, the reigning Instagram queen has spoken. In a new interview with ElleTeigen has finally revealed the #1 thing she finds to be most annoying on Instagram. 

"My big pet peeve with people posting food—and I love it when people post food—but my number one thing is when you're posting at a restaurant, and it's dark like a date night, food never looks good. Flash looks horrible, no flash looks horrible," Teigen advises. "It's important to only do food photos during daylight—and it's all about colour with Instagram. When I went to cooking school (not for long), we were taught to do at least three colours on a plate and to have some height. Height is really important. If you leave everything flat and have only one or two colours, it just looks like garbage. So colours and height—stack everything! And the bigger the plate, the better. Everything centered, and you're good."

There you have it, folks. If you're going to post a food photo, heed Teigen's educated wisdom! Keep scrolling to see some of our favourite Instagram posts from Chrissy!