The Winning Accessory That's Sold Every 5 Seconds

We have a lot of love for the choker. Despite some claims that the trend died early last year, 2016 has quite clearly been the year of the '90s accessory. In fact, high-street shop New Look reported that it sold one choker every nine seconds in 2016, and one every five seconds at the weekend. Which leads us to one conclusion: Chokers aren't going away anytime soon. 

New Look also revealed that it had sold 147 miles worth of the necklace. That's a lot of chokers. We loved the look, thanks to movies such as The Craft, Leon, Clueless (we could go on), the modern version is a variation on these classic material-and-pendant varieties. Now, we have thin chokers wrapped several times around and tied in a bow at the front (never the back), or chunky metallic pieces that make a statement. Whatever your personality, there's a choker for you. To see what we mean, we suggest you click through our gallery of chokers to buy right now.