These 6 Winter Trends Are Giving Me My Mojo Back

It’s been an incredibly odd year and a half, don’t you think? Whilst I’ve done my very best to hold myself accountable for both mine and my community’s mental health, I have to be honest and admit that even I, a fashion influencer of sorts, have struggled to keep my wardrobe popping and “fresh.” It might be the climate. The pandemic. New mum feels. It could be that I’ve lost my touch, although I doubt it! It could even be the lack of inclusive size offerings practically everywhere, but we’ve already discussed that in my first column.

The answer could be motivated, and I often find this happens when the seasons change and we start the transition to a “new” wardrobe. That’s it. Whilst I love a cable knit or classic outfits teamed with luxury hosiery (they’re not called tights when you spend a pretty penny on them) as much as the next fashion insider, for me, there’s something about the colder months that doesn’t ignite the spark that spring/summer does. That is until now.  

My feed is already shifting into winter mode, and what I’m witnessing is super high-end and full of inspiration regardless of location, size or demographics. To back that up, the incredible editorial team here at Who What Wear UK is already seeing a lot of interest in new-season trends (they’ve begun documenting it and I’ve been taking style notes too).

But my Instagram DMs don’t lie: Some of us still struggle to replicate or even connect with runway fashion trends. I can provide you with all the inspiration to make your local shop run your personal runway, but how can you combine the most vibrant and cool autumn/winter 2021 trends with staying true to you and shopping inclusive fashion? I’ll show you…


No longer just a festive season staple, you can glisten and glitter all year round. Gold is loud, but a new wave of silver pieces provides a simple way to tackle what could be an intimidating trend in real-time and real life. It will turn heads in the best possible way!

Particularly long, knuckle-grazing sleeves are in (or should I say, back?). Usually reserved for nervous school kids and exaggerated streetwear looks, this trend is just so exciting and relevant. It’s still a slow burner but I can’t wait to see more of this across both luxury and high-street brands. Sometimes, it’s the simplest detail that can make the biggest difference.


These two trends are huge for A/W 21, and I can see why, but who said they had to be mutually exclusive? I tried it for myself so you could not only see the impact but be encouraged to try it yourself. And there’s nothing trashy about it! Don’t sleep on it!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: When you don't feel catered for, cater for yourself! When I can’t find something I’m looking for in the stores or online, which is of the moment, I either have it made or I tend to thrift myself some vintage finds. If that fails, I’ve started rotating (aka being an active member of the By Rotation community) in order to provide plus-size women my wardrobe or to find exclusive pieces hiding in wardrobes around the country that I can rent at the touch of a button.

Plus-size vintage clothing is admittedly hard to find, but it’s not impossible. So yes, as a plus-size woman, I can be sustainable. Here are some of my vintage and rental favourites…

This trend was my favourite trend last autumn/winter, and it hasn’t bored me yet! There’s something so classic about a full brown look, and between you and me, I think it beats an all-black look any day. Don’t you agree? If you don’t have a go-to look in your wardrobe already, choose a statement item like a well-made winter coat or a classic dress as shown below and tailor the rest of your look around this item and its tone of brown.


What's not to love about faux fur? It’s classic yet powerful, and although it's always made an impact, this season, faux fur goes bolder than it's ever done before, and I’m here for it! Are you?

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