While You Were Sleeping: The Buzziest Fashion Stories All Week

Keep reading to catch up on all of the week's biggest and buzziest fashion stories!

All grown up: Internet-famous child model Thylane Blondeau is all grown up, and Teen Vogue is calling her the next Kate Moss

The more you know: We talked to a real-life TSA agent, who shared her wisdom on what you should never wear to the airport.

Mind-blowing: This chart showing the evolution of women's sizing over the years will challenge everything you thought you knew.

Tricky, tricky: So this is how celebrities always look so great in photos

Bling rings: We hunted down the most popular engagement-ring shape among stylish celebrities.

Outfits galore: The best sartorial inspiration from the world's most elite street-style stars.

Snappy, in a snap: Try these quick and easy outfit ideas using items you already own.

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