The Chic Style Handbook: 7 Ways to Look Sophisticated Next Week

Looking polished has fallen out of favour recently, wouldn't you agree? It's all hoodies worn so big that they're dresses, jeans ripped to the point of no return, sneakers styled with everything and long, long sleeves—or not-so-nonchalantly shrugged-off coats—finishing every ensemble. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm not 100% sure this is my jam, even if it is the by-proxy uniform of Bella, Gigi, Hailey, et al. I'm by no means a super-chic uptown kind of girl—the thought of me receiving regular blow-dries is laughable—but I'm also not one for looking (read: getting away with looking) slovenly. 

So when my mum asked why so many runway shows and celebrities were looking, let's say, laissez-faire, she prompted me to consider how left out so many style-conscious girls must feel right now. Comfort is all well and good, but perhaps fashion's prevailing dishevelment isn't for you, and you've been feeling sidelined. Maybe you have the kind of job where being turned-out 24-7 is of the utmost importance. Or there's a possibility that (like me) you just don't feel ready to hit the world in dad jeans and a sweatshirt. 

If you're looking to give your wardrobe a boost of chicness for 2018, there are a handful of industry women I know who never look anything short of perfect, and for whom trends can come and go while their personal outfitting technique remains the same. Keep reading to see the women whose chic style I admire, plus their number one tip for looking sophisticated at all times.

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