Chiara Ferragni's Maternity Wardrobe Is Exactly What You'd Want It to Be

At the end of October, Chiara Ferragni announced that she and her fiancé, Italian rapper Federico Leonardo Lucia, aka Fedez, were expecting their first child. As Chiara is one of the biggest fashion influencers on Instagram, it'll come as no surprise that she has been dressing her bump in the most stylish way possible–and it's exactly what you'd want it to be. As well as going for more comfortable pieces, she's not shying away from skirts or form-fitting dresses. She's the opposite of the word frumpy. There are some clear rules she's sticking to, however, which we've helpfully compiled below. Keep scrolling to see just how Chiara's style has evolved to maternity wear and what tips to pick up if you're also expecting.

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