The TikTok-Viral "Cherry Coke" Hair Trend Is Giving Me All The Y2K Vibes

2001—is that you? Judging by our FYP on TikTok,  we're seeing another red hair colour trend revival and this time around, it's in the form of cherry coke hair—and isn't going anywhere anytime soon, with #cherrycokehair amassing 18.7 million views and counting on the app.

Red hair made its way back around again last year with several celebrities and influencers opting for the copper hair trend, a spectrum that spanned soft, buttery Renaissance red through to the vibrant flame orange copper tones. However, it seems that for 2023 we're bringing back at the nostalgic Y2K dark red hair trend, and it feels more refreshing than ever before.

Cherry coke hair: Rihanna dark red hair colour in 2010



Rihanna has had many iconic hair moments, but her red hair era lives rent-free in my mind.

Cherry coke hair: Kelly Rowland dark red hair colour in 2001



Kelly Rowland had her red hair moment at the 2001 Billboard Music Awards.

Cherry coke hair: Jessica Alba dark red hair colour in 2001



Red hair? Check. Blue eyeshadow? Check. This 2001 beauty look from Jessica Alba screams Y2K.

Looking back, so many celebrities jumped on the dark red hair trend in the 2000s. Remember when Cheryl Cole went red and practically had everyone running to buy dark red box dye? Or Rihanna's many iterations of red hair throughout the late noughts and early 2010s? So iconic.

So, how come the cherry coke trend is resurfacing again? Michelle Billington at hair colour brand, Jerome Russell, has thoughts. "Cherry cola hair is rooted in purple tones unlike many other red shades. It is a deep, rich and intense burgundy, but it's more muted compared to other reds and shines differently under different lighting making it a very vibrant and unique colour," she says.

"It's also a very versatile shade, which explains why it's so popular. It suits all skin tones because you can play around with the colour by balancing and shifting the red and purple tones to create a cherry cola colour that works best for you—whether that's something warmer or cooler," she adds. Of course, it's important to note that depending on your current hair colour, the tone may appear different. "It's important to note  that the cherry coke shade you end up with differs depending on the base colour you start with," says Billington. "The lighter your start off hair, the more vibrant the colour will be, which is why for those with dark hair, you should bleach your hair to lift 8-9 shades first."

If you're ready to jump on the Y2K trend, we've rounded up some of the best dark red hair colour inspo we've spotted on our feeds right now.

Cherry Coke Hair Colour Inspo Pics I've Saved

Cherry coke hair: Sophie Turner dark red hair



Sophie Turner's dark red hue reads a warmer tone, which compliments her fair skin.

Cherry coke hair: dark red braids



If you're thinking about braids this summer, then why not experiment with the cherry cola hue?

Vibrant burgundy makes a big statement.

Cherry coke hair: Zendaya with dark auburn hair



I'm still obsessing over this hair colour on Zendaya, a paired-back dark auburn hue which is so wearable.

One thing about deep red hair colour? It always leaves hair with the most amazing shine.

Cherry coke hair: Shay Mitchell dark red hair colour



This deep red will transition so well into autumn and winter too.

Cherry coke hair: brunette red balayage on curls



Balayage is a great way to weave red tones into your lengths.

Cherry coke hair: dark red hair colour



Note the almost purple tones in this cherry coke hair colour.

Cherry coke hair: Allison Ho with cherry coke hair



Cherry cola colour and a butterfly cut? I am sold. 

Cherry coke hair: Gigi Hadid with red hair



Remember when Gigi Hadid jumped on the red hair trend last year? It still feels fresh now.

Cherry coke hair: Megan Thee Stallion with red hair



I'm obsessed with this cherry cola colour on Megan Thee Stallion.

Cherry coke hair: Versace SS23 red hair



Versace were on to something last summer, where we saw this vibrant red hair colour.

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