Everything Bella, Kim or EmRata Wears, Cher Did It First

Before the well-documented high-cut leotards, studded leather jackets and wild, wild hair, Cher's style was quite different and unexpectedly in step with what's on trend now. The singer's many aesthetic turns have been understandably tied to the decades the "Goddess of Pop" has been in the limelight, but some of her best early looks are often tragically lost in a distant haze of hair spray. The '80s were nothing if not severe on all fronts.

You'll see why it's a shame when you start going through the gallery below. Cher first rose to fame in the mid-'60s, thanks to the folk-rock duo she was in with her then-husband, Sonny (real name Bono Allman). They were the It couple of the time—a modern-day Gigi and Zayn, if you will—and with their own TV show, appearances in every important publication and a whirlwind of Hollywood events to attend, there were plenty of opportunities for Cher's extensive closet to get some airtime.

Speaking of Hadids, there are many surprising resemblances to Bella's wardrobe when rifling through the Cher archives. From her Bob Mackie–designed "naked dress" (what kind of modern-day celeb doesn't own a handful of these?) to more casual ensembles involving denim, mules and a simple shirt (very PFW night-out), these outfits wouldn't look out of place on today's most-wanted girl.

Go through the gallery to see Cher's retro style in action—and see how many current trends you can tick off along the way…