Major: Cher Landed the Cover of Love Magazine

We believe in life after Love: Cher landed the cover of Katie Grand's beloved magazine, further proving that the pop star is having a serious fashion moment. [Instagram]

Yowza: Selena Gomez's deal with Pantene is reportedly worth $3 million. [Racked]

B-i-g: Rapper Big Sean has teamed up with Adidas on a line of sneakers inspired by his hometown of Detroit. [WWD]

The meditation trick you should try: One editor who would "never" meditate had her entire perspective changed by this method. [Byrdie]

Confirmed: Madonna took to Twitter to confirm that Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and more will be appearing in her next music video. [Twitter]

Hey, look at me! Try these 10 tricks to get your boss to notice (and eventually promote) you. [MyDomaine]