The Checkerboard Trend Is the Coolest Look of Autumn 2021

Over the last few years, there's one print trend I've remained entirely faithful to, almost to the point of obsession. I'm talking about gingham. I have more gingham dresses than I can count, and even my favourite bikini (oh, how I miss thee) features the wholesome cottagecore print. However, I consider it to predominately be a warm-weather print, best suited to breezy fabrications and billowing silhouettes, which means that gingham is absent from my outfit rotation right now.

Ordinarily, this would make me sad and leave me pining for the lighter days of spring, but this year, there's a fresh microtrend that loans itself better to the winter months and that has me completely distracted. I'm talking about checkerboard prints—no, they're not the same as gingham.

A checkerboard print usually consists of squares in two different colours positioned in alternating positions. As its name suggests, think of chess to checkerboards.

Camille was one of the first influencers to champion the checkerboard-print trend. 

Admittedly, I haven't worn the checkerboard-print trend since I was in my teens and going through my emo phase. I adored my Vans slip-ons and wore an oversize checkerboard hoodie most days, a garment which I've since passed onto my teenage brother. But thanks to Netflix's The Queen's Gambit as well as a handful of designers, the throwback motif is well and truly back on the style agenda for 2021

Already proving a hit amongst Instagram's most-prolific dressers, I'm pleased to see the checkerboard-print trend has come a long way since my days of pyramid-stud belts slung around low-rise, supersize-leg jeans. Now, it looks the epitome of chic by way of faux fur coats, knitted co-ords, and second-skin tops, all of which will see me through until I can reunite with my gingham wares. 

Scroll below to see how those in the know are currently wearing the checkerboard-print trend; then, shop my favourite checkered pieces.


Checkerboard Print Trend: @hannamw



This Stand Studio coat has now sold out, so I'll be keeping an eye out for it on rental and secondhand sites. 

The trend has also taken a formal turn by way of this jacquard dress. 

Checkerboard Print Trend: @pomelokiwie



Add an unexpected twist to the checkerboard-print trend by pairing a monochrome piece with neon hues. 

Checkerboard Print Trend: @chrissyford



This Nanushka top proves how easy it is to wear this trend day-to-day. 

Wear the checkerboard-print trend from top to toe for maximum sartorial impact. 

Checkerboard Print Trend: @chainkyr



The boots, the dress, the art direction—there's nothing about this shot by Chainky that I don't love. 

Checkerboard Print Trend: @yoyokulala



The one that got away—Stand Studio's checkerboard-print coat. 


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