Trust Me—I'm an Editor: Where I Shop for Cheap Jewellery That Looks Expensive

I'd like to tell you that there are some hard-and-fast rules about what kind of jewellery looks cheap and what kind of jewellery looks expensive, but unfortunately it's an ever-changing set of visual pointers that are entirely related to what's trending at the time. For example, if faux-crystal chandeliers are having a moment within design circles, it can be very hard to distinguish which pieces are £500 and which cost you a fiver. In essence, many jewellery trends can look cheap on purpose—and that plays to our benefit.

Best cheap jewellery: Eni wearing earrings from Ottoman Hands



Eni wearing jewellery from Ottoman Hands.

A few tips for you: Cheaper metals may tarnish more easily, so don't expect a long shelf life on something you want to wear every single day. I'd suggest looking out for and avoiding jewelled pieces that have foil-effect backgrounds on the gems, as they can chip. Perhaps this is just my preference, but I always think gold tones tend to look more expensive than silver ones.

Best cheap jewellery: Monikh wearing bangles from Daphine



Monikh wearing bangles from Daphine.

Then it really comes down to knowing the brands that have an eye for creating directional jewellery pieces at a lower price point. Which is where I'm stepping in to help. Keep scrolling to see the labels I go to for affordable jewellery that looks 100% fabulous.

Mango: Great for Sculptural Art Teacher-Style Jewellery
Daphine: The Go-To for Simple Gold Pieces
H&M: Best for Sets of Jewellery
Ottoman Hands: For Exotic Pieces That Look Like Antique Trinkets
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