5 Brands Where You Can Buy Cheap Earrings and Get Away With It

Hoop earrings can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Whether in silver or gold, mini or supersized, they can really elevate a look. However, hoop earrings can be like socks: No matter how hard you try to look after them, they struggle to stay together as a pair. Our editors tend to buy £10-something hoops on the high street and can vouch for the fact that cheap earrings don't have to look cheap.

ISo where are the best places to buy £7 hoops that won't look plastic or make your ears turn a peculiar shade of green? There are five places we think do the best hoops on a budget, and they're so reasonable you can buy some backup pairs, too, for when one inevitably slips down the side of the sofa or disappears into the bottom of a handbag.