Honestly, This Might Be the Only Lipstick You Need in Your Life

Surely, all lipsticks are the same, right? Well no— unfortunately, they're not. After trying nearly every lipstick around, there's one that I always come back to. Of course, it's Charlotte Tilbury

I don't know if it's the signature rose gold packaging or the Old Hollywood style, but I'm into glamour with a capital G, so therefore, I'm very into Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. 

It's not just style over substance, though, as one Matte Revolution Lipstick is sold every minute. That's a whole lot of lipstick, and while the instantly recognisable Pillow Talk shade is in the beauty Hall of Fame, the formula itself is where all the good stuff is.

It's a matte lipstick that's comfortable to wear without looking chalky and is easy to apply with the angular square-tip bullet. It always makes my lips feel soft and nourished, and the colour never disappoints. 

But don't just take my word for it. It's not only an award-winning best seller, but Amal Clooney, Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne, Sabrina Elba, and more are big fans.

It's tricky balancing how a lipstick feels with how it looks. Usually, one suffers, but not with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. And this is true of not only the Matte Revolution collection but the others, too. You get next-level colour pay-off regardless of the shade, and it doesn't feel like you've used sandpaper on your lips by midday.

Lipstick isn't always easy to just swipe on and keep it moving, but thanks to the super-sharp square tip, you won't have to use a lip brush for precise application. 

If your lipstick collection needs an overhaul or if you're in "treat yourself" season, look no further. Keep scrolling for the shades you need on your radar.

Here it is. The best-selling dusky rose meets mauve shade became an instant classic thanks to its incredibly flattering hue. Grab one for a go-anywhere, effortless look. 

In keeping with the brand's starlet vibe, you can't go wrong with this show-stopping true red for all skin tones.

This updated shade is perfect for those with medium to darker skin tones who want in on the Pillow Talk magic but found the original too light in colour. 

There's no shame whatsoever in owning just how incredible your lips look in this berry pink shade. The best winter warm-up. 

Oh, hello. Go big or go home with this Ribena-like, deep blackcurrant shade. A match for bold lip lovers who aren't into cracking lips. 

Channel your inner Spice Girl with this cocoa brown. You'll get all the best from that decade minus the butterfly clips and blue eye shadow.

With an aptly named extract called lipstick tree to guarantee soft and moisturised lips, you can apply this coral shade without fear of your lips drying out. 

A brighter than bright hit of fuchsia that has the power to add a smile to the dullest day. 

This nude tone will become a staple in your makeup bag. Those with darker skin tones can still get in on the action by wearing it over a brown or darker lip liner. 

This warm orange-red was inspired by Susan Sarandon, so make like Thelma & Louise and do a bit of role playing in this flattering shade.

This homage to Amal Clooney comes in a vibrant version of a familiar berry shade, complete with sleek art deco–inspired packaging. 

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