Exclusive: Charlotte Simone's Insider Guide to London

In 2011 British designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone—a fashion brand specialising in furry accessories that immediately captured the attention of stars and fashion moguls the world over. Olivia Palermo swears by her Big Daddy stoles and Popsicles to punctuate an outfit with personality, as do we. Charlotte exclusively opens up her little black book to reveal where to go to get the best caffeine hit in London, which park her dog Harold rates and which restaurant serves the best mash! 

Scroll down to read her recommendations. Plus, shop all of our favourite fluffy things from the brand.


Charlotte Simone

On Beecham: Charlotte Simone Big Daddy Fox-Fur Scarf (£495). 

WWW UK: Which A-lister would you most like to see wearing one of your designs?

CS: Lena Dunham, I love her. I have a massive girl crush on her, her brain and her social media activity. She is just real. If I was styling her, I’d put her in a Cady fluffy—It would be good prop for her!

WWW UK: Who do you look to for inspiration in the fashion industry?

CS: There isn’t one person in particular but I’m inspired by street style and women out and about, day-to-day. I don’t really have a specific spot where I go to people watch, so I just wander around London and note what people are wearing. In the industry, I appreciate Sophia Webster and Mary Katrantzou for their great use of colour and print.


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On Sarr-Jamois: Charlotte Simone Big Daddy Faux Fur Scarf (£200) available in Pink.

WWW UK: You’ve been nominated for a BFA, describe how you felt when you found out?

CS: Well, my letter of nomination that’s hand-signed by Natalie Massenet is now framed and hanging above my desk next to a picture of Daisy Lowe. It got biked to my office and has been in the prime spot in my showroom every since.


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On Catliff: Charlotte Simone bag.

WWW UK: Finish this sentence—My wardrobe is…

CS: Currently a mess! My wardrobe has lots of accessories (surprise, surprise) and limited clothing, actually. I pretty much have a daily uniform: jeans or leather trouser with a leather jacket and a T-shirt. I’m quite basic but I love accessories. I top off each outfit with a statement scarf.


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On Palermo: Charlotte Simone Fox-Fur Big Daddy Scarf (£300).

WWW UK: Which three words best describe your brand?

CS: Fun, fluffy and statement.

WWW UK: Which city is the spiritual home for the brand? Why?

CS: London, definitely. I was a student at NYU, so I spent a year studying in Paris and that’s where I had my light bulb moment and I saw my ‘lady’. I was inspired by the way French women would create an outfit around one accessory. By the time I’d finished uni, I’d developed the brand idea, it grew and I felt the idea had potential. While I praise Paris for my inspiration and being the city where I saw the look, I’m London born and bred. I started the brand here and it’s where I got the support to create the business. This is a great city for young people with a vision.


WWW UK: Which side of town do you live in?

CS: Camden in North London.

WWW UK: Describe your local scene.

CS: My showroom is on Charlotte Street, so a lot of my time is spent in that area. The Charlotte Street Hotel is perfect for meetings. There are loads of great restaurant on Greek Street that I go to. I always tend to order mash potato! I’m not a main course meal kind-of-girl. I only really like sides.


WWW UK: Which central London park is the prettiest?

CS: I’m biased, really! It’s got to be Primrose Hill, early in the morning. I take Harold my sausage dog for walks there all the time. My grandma knitted him a red Christmas jumper that I tried to put on him for walks but he wouldn’t wear it. I think he needs me to put in a cashmere lining or something!

WWW UK: If you could turn any building in London into your home, which one would it be?

CS: Interesting question! Whoa, any building?! Umm. That’s a tricky one. Have you ever been to Daunt Books on Marlyebone Road?! There’s lots of light in there. It’s so beautiful inside. I’d have a resting bed and a nighttime bed on different floors. 


WWW UK: Yorkshire pudding or mash potato?

CS: Can’t you have both? Gravy too. Definitely gravy.

WWW UK: Who’s the best-dressed Brit?

CS: Rita Ora because she changes it day-to-day and I like Suki Waterhouse because she keeps it young and fun.

WWW UK: Where do you go to buy flowers for your showroom?

CS: A florist called Yeomans on Primrose Hill. He saves me the weeds. He lets me buy weeds and the roots of plants for pennies. I really like weedy plants in little vases. They last for a long time and I put them in jam jars and dot them around my showroom.

WWW UK: Black cab or walk?

CS: I don’t do that much exercise so I feel I have to walk. I walk through Camden and Regent’s Park to work pretty much every day.

WWW UK: Regent Street or Portobello Road for window shopping?

CS: Regent Street! Portobello Road is so overpopulated and it always makes me feel anxious. Regent Street is super glam and feels like real fairytale London. Especially at Christmas. My go-to shop there has to be Liberty.

WWW UK: The best coffee in London is from...

CS: The Coffee Jar, Parkway in Camden. I order a flat white and I tend to get really impatient if it doesn’t arrive straight away. 


WWW UK: You’re taking a New Yorker out to dinner, where do you go?

CS: I’d take them out in Soho because I feel like that is the part in London that has the most New-Yorky feel. I’d then take them to Polpo, one of my favourite restaurants.

WWW UK: It’s Sunday, where do you want to go?

CS: To bed.

WWW UK: The best vintage finds are from…

CS: I follow my dear friend, Sophia Greene. She takes me to little Portobello haunts and small boutiques down the cobbled streets.

WWW UK: And finally, if you were the Mayor of London for one week, what would you do?

CS: Apart from get a cashmere sweater sorted for Harold?! I’d opt out and put Lena in.


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