We Asked 100 People What They Would Change About Their Style

If you could change one thing about your personal style, what would it be? We posed this question to 100 women, and while we can’t claim it’s a statistically significant sample, it does provide a glimpse into how real women see their own style, and starts a conversation about how we can all start to feel more confident in our clothes. The top five categories of responses painted a thought-provoking picture: A sizeable share agreed on the exact same thing they’d like to change (scroll down to see what it is); the third most popular answer mentioned body issues, which underscores the complex relationship between our style and our figures; and every single woman had one (and in many cases several!) things she wants to improve about her style.

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A selection of the responses: 

"I wish I could step out of my fashion comfort zone. I usually wear shorts or plain, flowy dresses,  but I want to try rompers or overalls." –Kyla

"I really wish I was more daring when it comes to fashion. I am a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, however I find myself admiring the strangest ensembles that I would never wear." –Natalia

“I wish I could take more risks in the kinds of trends I wear, and be brave enough to look bold.” –Sammi

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A selection of the responses: 

"Sometimes I wish I could be like those girls who contour their faces every day, curl their hair, and dress sexy-polished, kind of like Kim Kardashian! But then I laugh and throw my hair in a bun and get on with my day.” –Lyndsey

"I wish I looked more polished, like had perfect lipstick and always had an ironed shirt." –Wana

“I want to be more polished and feminine.” –Michelle

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A selection of the responses: 

"I wish my curvaceous body didn't dictate so much of what I can and can't wear, from fear that I'll be perceived as being provocative." –Nareen

"I wish I could wear things that models can pull off. I feel like being short holds me back from taking wardrobe risks." –Sar

"I wish I wasn't so worried about looking svelte, and could be more daring with unflattering items like boxy tops. " –Tiffany

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A selection of the responses: 

“I wish I knew how to wear more colours. I always wear so much black, but I feel intimidated about standing out in brights.” –Lillie

"I wish I was more inclined to purchase colours instead of blacks and grays." –Kristen

"I feel like I wear way too much black all the time. I'd definitely like to start seeing more variety in my wardrobe.” –Olivia

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A selection of the responses: ?

"I think I would like to add more accessories that flatter the overall outfit. It's too easy to slack off and not be thoughtful in adding a beautiful scarf or necklace." –Eileen

"I wish I played with jewellery more and finished my looks with a cool statement piece every once in a while." –Chloe

"I wish I was gutsy enough to throw on a hat or a headpiece before I stepped out of the house. I love bold accessories, but I can never get myself to wear them out!" –Nanor

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What's one thing YOU would change about your personal style? This editor definitely counts herself in the "take more risks" category. Let us know your style goal in the comments below!