Lily-Rose, Penelope, Pharrell… I Can't Get Over These Celebs in Chanel

Paris is experiencing a heatwave even greater than London right now (Instagram abounds with snaps of people wearing fantastic new-season looks despite 39ºC temps), but nowhere could possibly be hotter than a Chanel FROW. Today the Parisian fashion house presented its breathtaking haute couture collection to a smokin' audience.

Pharrell was there wearing the CC-logo'd sweater of our dreams (the coolest cats wear the warmest clothes), Lily Allen made a rare appearance clad in a cute nautical look complemented by a gigantic Chanel handbag, and Penelope Cruz topped her insanely sweet tweed minidress with white beret, proving candy pink is definitely not just for kids.

With all that and so much more to pore over from inside the city's Grand Palais (and Chanel's staged Parisian sidewalk set), we think it's best if you just get scrolling and see the celebrity looks that impressed us the most.