Chanel Classics: The 19 Items Every Devotee Would Love to Own

There's nothing quite like an indulgent daydreaming session where the subject is Chanel and the storyline is what we could own… It's a house full of classics and coveted novelties alike—the tickets you can wear everyday safe in the knowledge that Coco designed them to last a lifetime are just as desirable as the madcap creations this power-brand has also become known for. Hula-hoop bags, anyone? Or maybe you'd prefer a set of Chanel skis?

Some ladies are of course lucky enough to own one (or many more) of the French empire's wares. Some, not so much. But one thing remains the same for both camps, more Chanel could never be considered a bad thing. So to set you off on a daydream par excellance today, we've trawled through the archives (and our CC-obsessed minds) to bring you an edit of the most important Chanel classics, both vintage and modern.

Scroll down to see the Chanel classics and vintage pieces we would always be happy to own…