21 Looks That Prove "Boring" Centre Partings Have Never Been Chicer

We're firm believers that the simplest things, all too often disguised as boring, are more often than not the chicest. Expertly cut wide-leg trousers, a black cashmere roll-neck, a gold chain pendant—staples of this ilk form the basis for sophistication. Thankfully, the same rule applies to hair

While we're continuously tempted by more complex hairstyles, we find ourselves continuously reverting back to the uncomplicated centre parting. It may have taken a bit of a backseat to the side parting during the '00s, but lately the classic hairstyle has come back in a big way and has won over much of the style crowd, too. 

Easy to maintain and with minimal effort required on your part styling-wise, centre-parting hairstyles are guaranteed to suit every face shape thanks to their framing qualities.

Now, we know what you're thinking—they're not known for being all that versatile. However, we have to refute this. From low bobs and curtain fringes to etherial waves and braids, keep scrolling to see 21 of the best centre-parting hairstyles we could find.

Make like Natasha and keep your hair effortlessly unstyled for cool-girl appeal. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @maria_bernad



Maria accessorises her centre-parting with a cute curtain fringe. 

Alexis sweeps the lengths of her hair towards the back of her head for a minimal take on the centre parting. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @styleheroine



Centre-partings always look sleek accompanied by a ponytail. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @palomija



Paloma slicks back her hair to make her centre parting the sole focus.

Centre partings are perfect for framing your face. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @lauraharrier



Laura softens her centre parting by pulling some pieces forward out with her low pony tail. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @vanessahong



Vanessa gives her centre-parted bob edge with loose waves. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @thatsaleaf



Elif's low bun and centre-parting are simple but oh so effective. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @eniswardrobe



Keep your centre parting in place all night long by securing it with a bejewelled headband. 

Francesca keeps her look ultra glossy with a blunt bob. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @handinfire



Could Tiffany's straight bob and straight centre parting look any chicer? We think not.

Brittany accentuates her centre parting by tucking the majority of her tresses behind her ears. 

Curls provide the perfect contrast to a ruler-straight parting. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @monikh



Monikh has made her natural wavy hair and centre parting her signature hairstyle this year. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @emilisindlev



Emili makes her wavy-haired centre parting even more etherial with a single braid. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @alexachung



Alexa has championed the centre parting of as long as we can remember. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @leiasfez



Leia's fringe makes her centre parting all the more dramatic. 

Make like Brittany and use your hair as a makeshift scarf by tucking it into a roll-neck. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @calliethorpe



Callie elevates her centre parting with embellished, party-ready hair slides. 

Centre Parting Hairstyles: @sylviemus_



Sylvie's pulled-back bun and centre parting do is pared-back perfection. 

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