These 10 A-Listers Have the Workwear Wardrobe of Our Dreams

A four-day weekend can do wonders for gaining some clarity about your closet, and this undoubtedly includes thinking about what you wear day in, day out at work. 

Regardless of whether you work in a heels-24/7 kind of office or the kind of relaxed office where sneakers are a legitimate choice, we can all quickly become tired of our working wardrobe. 

We're told to dress for the job we want, not the job we have. So if we can't dress like a dolphin trainer (fantasy job number one) or a professional ice cream taster (fantasy job number two), we want to dress like we're Victoria Beckham skipping into VB HQ or Olivia Palermo in her mobile office on the front row.

If you're looking to give your smart wardrobe a spring refresh, these 10 celebrities lead the way. See their looks and shop the key pieces to get your rails looking shipshape…