Kate Moss Just Schooled Us on How to Be the Chicest Wedding Guest

When I first saw Jenna Lyons at Solange Knowles's wedding in 2014, I realised celebrities nail wedding-guest outfits better than most. True, they might have a bit more money to spend on a look than we do, but that doesn't mean we can't take inspiration from what they're wearing. Whether it's a statement skirt and a plain white shirt like Jenna's or something more formal worn by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, there's always plenty of style advice to glean from the A-list.



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The trick is to not try too hard, looking put together without outdoing the bride. However, what celebs do (that we often don't) is ensure they've got something that gives them an edge over the other guests. It could be a standout print on a dress, a great pair of earrings or eye-catching shoes. Just make sure to grab attention (but subtly). Keep scrolling to see 13 celebrity wedding-guest outfits that will give you fresh ideas for 2018.