The Most Incredible Celebrity Wedding Dresses of All Time

While wedding season tends to start cooling down towards the festive period, it'll be on us again before you can say "extra glass of prosecco." However, for the recently engaged, you'll probably want to get some sort of inspo for your big day. And where's the best place to get that for your upcoming nuptials? Celebrity wedding dresses, of course. While you might not have the funds for frocks quite this dramatic, these are some incredible wedding dress styles to put straight onto your (secret) Pinterest bridal board.

Photo: Getty

So before you book any appointments in a bridal shop, check out the most jaw-dropping, swoon-inducing wedding dresses of 2017. From Pippa Middleton to Laura Jackson, there's plenty of inspo to glean. However, if you want something more vintage, we've also found some of the best celebrity wedding dresses of all time. From Audrey Hepburn's chic A-line Balmain dress to Gwen Stefani's pink Galliano gown—we're fairly certain today's slideshow will be having you say "I do" in no time.

Click through our gallery of the best celebrity wedding dresses.