20 Celebrity Outfits I'm Bookmarking for My Spring Wardrobe

I know very little about celebrities, but I do know they have chauffeurs, which basically means they can ignore all weather forecasts. It can be absolutely freezing in London but if you've got a cosy Mercedes to cart you around, it's entirely appropriate to deny that winter even exists. Cold-busting clothes and shoes need not apply for positions in A-list wardrobes.

When you're wearing that Uniqlo puffer for the 47th day in a row, it's easy to feel like these guys have it made, but you're missing a major positive: The fact that they can skip glacial getups and hop on into spring fashion provides us with one huge heads-up on what's coming for the season. It gives you ideas you can pin and come back to when the time is right. It can also help you put together your spring 2019 shopping list. 

So, in the interest of inspiration, we've put together an edit of all the best spring-ready celeb outfits we've spotted over the last month. From Julianne Moore's head-to-toe lilac to Cate Blanchett's snakeskin separates, scroll down to see our fave looks.