From Blake Lively to Mila Kunis, 17 Amazing Celeb High School Photos

When you’re having a bad hair day, or perhaps a bad everything day, you can always remember that even Blake Lively, that goddess amongst women, hasn’t always looked quite so impeccable. Just take a look at her high school yearbook picture. While hers is admittedly better than most, there’s only so much that can be done under those harsh gym lights and less-than-stellar lenses.

Following the success of our first round of celebrity high school yearbook photos in January, we decided to dig a bit deeper and find even more retro pictures of your favourite celebrities. We’ve got an even-younger Blake Lively looking adorable, Katy Perry before she became a walking sequin, and a lot more.

Click through the gallery below to see 17 high school photos of your favourite celebrities!