A Year of A-List Airport Style Looks Like This

If you want to see trends in action—think this year’s surprise boot hit or the hat that’s toppled the beret—you’ll find them all in one unlikely place. Besides Instagram and the front rows at fashion month, there’s a third destination that’s equally on the money: the arrivals gate at Los Angeles International Airport.

You and I would inevitably emerge bleary-eyed from Heathrow Terminal 2 wearing leggings, glasses and something comfy like Ugg boots to nurse our tired feet. Supermodels and celebrities, on the other hand, have to deal with a pack of photographers instead of a painfully slow journey on the Piccadilly Line, so they tend to style it out better than we do.  

Skin-tight leather trousers, sharp stiletto-heeled booties, nipped-in tweed blazers—all have been worn this year by A-listers at the arrivals hall. Of course, we’re not suggesting you wear something as tight as sausage casings for a 12-hour flight (although who knows—they might work like compression tights), but wouldn’t it be nice to look just a little bit more turned out when you meet your partner/dad/taxi driver on the other side? Even if you’re flying EasyJet rather than JetLuxe (Bella Hadid's private jet of choice).

Scroll down for our styling and shopping tips on how to ace airport dressing.