How the Coolest Celebs Were Wearing Shirts and Jeans 30 Years Ago

Sometimes, to find really great outfit inspiration, we need to look the past to inform our modern-day wares. For parties, we look to the likes of Kate Moss and Bianca Jagger; for tartan, we continually turn to Princess Diana; and for excellent dress options, Liz Hurley is our go-to. 

However, flashback fashion isn't all about statement prints and extra silhouettes; the '80s and '90s were eras dominated by two essentials—shirts and jeans—and there's so much we can learn from the way celebrities wore them at the time. 

In fact, we've trawled through the fashion archives to find 20 examples of celebrities wearing jeans and shirts in vintage photographs, going as far back as the mid-'50s, right through to the early '00s. From Sade to Sienna, and Cindy to SJP, keep scrolling to see the chicest ways to wear a shirt and jeans, in true vintage celebrity style.