Every Celebrity Owns Jeans From This Brand

It seems like celebrities practically live in jeans when they're off-duty. Hey, we all do the same thing, right? You literally won't find us in anything else on the weekends. And like us, they wear a wide range of denim brands when they're out and about. But there's actually one specific label the most stylish A-listers consistently wear week after week. You guessed it—Frame. Honestly, we totally get why: The L.A.-based label is known for its forward-feeling denim silhouettes. Head over to the site and you'll spot unique cropped flares, interesting distressed accents, and more. Plus, the fit of the jeans is incredible, and every style—whether that's a skinnier or a wider-leg iteration—is incredibly flattering.

Keep scrolling to check out our favourite celebs wearing jeans from Frame. Plus, shop the available pairs, too. There's something that's bound to fit within your personal style here.