We Try the 4 Instagram Filter Apps That Fashion Bloggers Love

If a picture says a thousand words, then we reckon the average Instagram feed would spill the beans on all manner of clever photo editing software: From multilayered filters and airbrushing to clever cropping, #nofilter just isn't going to cut it any more. As the selfie generation comes of age, we're often moving past the simplicity of standard Insta filters (sorry, Juno, and farewell, Ludwig) and entering the age of high-tech apps where any teen with an iPhone can edit their pics to a professional standard. Filters are big business—just look at the high-profile bloggers selling their own bespoke filters to adoring fans. Clearly, people are willing to fork out to achieve that picture-perfect selfie. In light of this, we decided to conduct an Instagram survey to find out what your favourite photo-editing apps are and test them out for ourselves—as well as pinpoint the one worth using directly through Insta. Scroll down to discover which ones came out on top.