From SJP to EmRata, Celebs Still Love Wearing These Iconic '00s Jeans

The fashion pack have been favouring straight- and wide-leg jeans of late, but as for the celebrity set, they remain collectively loyal to one denim style in particular: skinny jeans.

While boot-cut styles still reigned supreme over the course of the late '90s and early noughties, it was in 2005 that trousers began to taper, and skinnies became the denim order of the day. The tighter they were, the better. So much so that the desired look was as if they'd been sprayed on. We wore them during the day with ballet pumps and waistcoats and after dark with camisoles and courts, relishing every outing in our Topshop Jamie Jeans.

Gradually, though, we started to reinstate wider-leg styles back into our wardrobes, and although we'd still dig out our skinnies from time to time, they simply didn't hold the same outfit prowess they once did. However, it seems celebrities still can't get enough of skinny jeans. We continuously see stars wearing them on the street, at fashion week and at swanky industry events alike, and it got us thinking that perhaps it's time to give the style some love in 2018.

From Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker to Sienna Miller and Meghan Markle, keep scrolling to see the best celebrities in skinny jeans looks, which we guarantee will inspire you to dust yours off…

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