11 Casual Outfits Fashion People Wear to Run Errands In

A sentiment I'm sure many other 30-somethings share, I feel like I spend 99% of my time out with work running errands. Between doing the food shop and hauling my returns to the post office, stocking up on skincare and picking up prescriptions, I spent more time on the go than ever these days. This got me to thinking, if everyone else is the same—and by everyone I include Instagram's most prolific dressers, too—I wondered what those whose style I find inspiring wear to run their errands. Cue my latest scrolling session. 

I spent a solid hour looking at the feeds of some of my favourite follows to see the casual outfits that they wear during their downtime (which I also assume they wear to dash to grab a pint of milk from the corner shop). What I found were 10 comfortable, easy-to-throw-on looks that I would happily bump into my ex in the aisle of Tesco in. From on-trend wide leg trousers and ballet flats, to maxi skirts and simple tees - all the way to failsafe jeans-and-jumper pairings, keep scrolling to see the casual outfits fashion people wear to run errands in. 

1. Blazer + Jeans 

Casual Errands Outfits



Style Notes: Just because you're running errands, that doesn't mean you can't looked polished; throw on a blazer with any jeans-and-t-shirt combination that takes your fancy. Socks and Sandals are an iconically controversial look, but errand-wear is where the combo can truly come into it's own. Add some chunky socks to complete this look as the cold drains in or if you really can't face it, go for trainers.

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2. Flannel Shirt + Leather Tote + Black Jeans

Style Notes: For the ultimate workwear meets comfy-casual look, you can always rely on the humble flannel shirt. Easy and practical for those busy days on-the-go, with enough slouch to promise layering potential, they are perfectly paired with jeans to add some much needed structure and accessorised with suede to break up textures. Style with some ballet flats to add some delicacy or if you're going to be on your feet all day, some chunky white trainers. 

3. Leather Jacket + Jersey Dress + Mary Janes

Style Notes: Dresses can work for running errands, too! Stick to soft fabrications such as jersey or wool, then layer on a casual jacket (leather always works) and finish with flat shoes. 

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A stripped back Biker jacket? Yes please.

Easily can be taken from day to night.

An investment piece that will work all year round. 

4. T-Shirt + Maxi Skirt + Boxy Bag

Casual Errands Outfits



Style Notes: Skirts are a key buy for 2023, so it would be remiss of me not to showcase them as part of my errands-running outfit inspiration. I'm into maxi hemlines which, dressed down with a slouchy tee and ballet flats, perfectly tap into the casual/cool vibe I'm going for. 

added crossbody strap for day-to-day practicality.

5. Shirt + Tee + Jeans

Style Notes: Back to jeans it is; this time, reach for a relaxed-fit shirt—a blue, white or striped version always feels classic—and layer it over a basic jersey top. Simple but wholly effective. 

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I'll take one in every colour.

6. Denim Jacket + Chinos

Casual Errands Outfits



Style Notes: Sticking with the neutral palette that seems to be developing, I enjoy how Tandya has paired her khaki chinos with beige denim jacket. 

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This trending brown for this season is great for denim.

Unique shoulder details to rival your other white tees. 

Mix and match with three different shades. 

7. Collared Knit + Washed Jeans + Suede Clogs

Casual Errands Outfits



Style Notes: No matter what your plans are, a statement coloured knit (with a collar for an added bonus) is one way to look pulled together on those task-heavy days. I love how Estée has paired this vibrant knit with some relaxed washed jeans, and then some easy slip ons which are ideal for when you've got to dash around. Pro Tip: add a crossbody bag to keep hands free.  

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This also comes in an Autumnal brown shade. 

8. Sweatshirt + Jeans + Flat Shoes

Style Notes: It doesn't get better than jeans and a sweatshirt. Give yours an elevated spin with a pair of metallic flat shoes, just as Marina has done here. 

Baggy Jeans are always an AW must-have. 

The sliver flat shoe trend is one I can get behind.

9. Long-sleeve Tee + Maxi Skirt + Flat Trainers

Style Notes: Low-key yet effortlessly cool, this floaty maxi-skirt look is the perfect ensemble to wear on a day where you want to feel relaxed, but get things done. The flat trainer helps you to remain comfortable and on trend at the same time. Accessorise with a cap like Amaka has done, or opt for a neutral soft-knit beanie.

10. Cardigan + Leather Trousers + Mules

Style Notes: Leather trousers, particular those with looser silhouettes, will work just as well for running errands in as jeans. Pair with mules and a cardigan for the ultimate fashion person-inspired look. 

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Alpaca and Wool blended - made for cosy season.

11. Wide Leg Trousers + Chunky Trainers + Tee

Style Notes: Emma's airport-ready look is a great example of elevated errand-wear. Wide-leg trousers create a statement yet are perfectly styled down here with comfortable chunky trainers and an understated tee. Practical style wether you're setting off abroad or commuting across town is always a good idea. Add a bold necklace or bracelet to upscale your outfit.