5 Ways to Wear a Shirtdress That Won't Make You Yawn

We're suckers for timeless pieces that work hard for your money, and the shirtdress is one of the all-time greats. But we'll admit it can be easy to fall into a tried-and-tested outfit rut when such a handy, throw-on piece is involved. How many ways are there to wear a shirtdress without yawning? Well, plenty, as it turns out. Thanks to a select set of street style gurus, we've discovered that there are many directional ways to do it—but if you want to keep it simple, that's cool too.



Style du Monde

This fail-safe has been reinvented umpteen times this year (thanks to the current obsession with deconstructing the humble shirt), but you can also rethink how you incorporate one into a look. We've tracked down five outfits for anyone who's looking to take their shirtdress to the next level. Keep scrolling to click through five ways to wear your shirtdress and to shop our favourite pieces.