The Reason Victoria Beckham's Really High Heels Are Comfy to Walk In

Casadei’s Blade Heels have earned a place in fashion history. One could argue that they have become the most recognisable and ubiquitous stiletto silhouette of the A-list circuit from the past five years. The Blade style has scores of superfans across the globe—high-profile celebrities and keen shoppers alike. And true to its name, the Blade model really is blade-like: a sharp, high, warning-sign spike of a heel that to the uninitiated could seem entirely daunting. Victoria Beckham wears hers on repeat, and while we are all too aware of her skills as a hardened high-heel wearer, I have always wondered just what it is about these serious skyscrapers that allows for such constant, casual usage. There must be some sorcery at hand to make 11-centimeter pin-thin court shoes more comfortable than they look.

I had a chance to find out when brand Creative Director Cesare Casadei (his parents, Quinto and Flora Casadei, founded the luxury Italian shoe brand in 1958) was in London celebrating the opening of the first Casadei boutique. In fact, the night before, the shop had been officially ready when a Canadian Blade fanatic happened to drive by and asked her driver to stop immediately. As Cesare told me, she pleaded to come in to buy a new version—the lucky lady left contented at 9 p.m.