Why This Iconic 50-Year-Old Bracelet Is Still as Popular as Ever


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Welcome to our new series Survival of the Chicest. Here, we’ll look at the worlds most iconic fashion items, from Chanel pumps to the Breton top, charting their rise to fashion fame and decoding their allure. Ultimately well be investigating what it is thats made them so popular and and allowed them to stand the test of time. Today were looking at the Cartier Love bracelet and how it continues to appear on the arms of every fashion editor, celebrity and influencer.

You might not realise it, thanks to its small size, but you’re never far away from a Cartier Love bracelet. First created nearly 50 years ago, it’s still as popular as ever and holding its place as one of the most sought-after luxury items in the world. In fact, the desire is increasing: According to Google Trends, over the past five years, the term “Cartier Love bracelet” has steadily been building, with its most recent spike happening this past December. So what gives this item its continued success?

As of last September, the analysts at Interbrand ranked Cartier as one of the top labels in the world, with the company’s Love bracelets keeping it relevant to new audiences. What with the likes of Kylie Jenner often spotted wearing a stack of them, it’s easy to see why they remain popular among younger buyers even when the bangle comes with a price tag of £3k and up. But is there more to this iconic piece of jewellery that has given it such perennial popularity? To understand how and why it’s become such a hit, keep scrolling.