Zara's Shoe Collection Suddenly Looks Like Carrie Bradshaw's

Today is the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, and it looks like Zara is celebrating in its own way. The retailer's shoe department at present feels like an homage to Carrie Bradshaw's iconic stiletto collection; there are a number of strappy, colourful heeled sandals that look just like her signature styles. Zara has every season covered—there are feathered stilettos likes the ones Carrie when she went to seduce Jack Berger as well as white pumps that remind us of the shoes the character wore in Paris. Keep scrolling to shop the five Zara shoe styles we're certain Carrie would own in 2018.

Carrie Bradshaw Zara sandals:



Shop the Heels: 

These are also available in gold. 

Sparkles + bold colours = the Carrie Bradshaw dream. 

These look more expensive than Zara.

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