The 5 Perfect Pillars of Carrie Bradshaw's Winter Capsule Wardrobe

In all honesty, I’ve never been much of a Sex and the City fan, but as anyone who works in fashion knows, Carrie Bradshaw was (and still is) a major style force. From her eclectic sartorial choices to her undeniable great taste in footwear, she'll always be an icon whether you’ve watched the show or not. With designers and street stylers referencing ’90s and noughties for autumn/winter 2018, Carrie’s wardrobe appears to be relevant once again.

Winter has now arrived and Carrie’s closet can provide some fun inspiration during the coldest, darkest months. Most praised SATC outfits might feel more summer in the city than freeze-friendly, but she did live in New York City, and that can get pretty glacial. We tracked down her best knitwear, long coats and cosy-boot moments to ever be featured on the show. Keep scrolling down for the best Carrie Bradshaw–worthy capsule winter wardrobe.