6 Pieces We're Convinced Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear in 2018


Rex Features

A few years ago when I moved to NYC, the words of Carrie Bradshaw echoed in my mind: “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.” And yes, I too found myself penniless at times but craving inspiration, which I filled by poring over the pages Vogue. I started watching Sex and the City back in the mid-2000s as much for the dream of one day living in Manhattan as for the fashion. The whole thing captivated me, as did Carrie Bradshaw, with her daring wardrobe choices and love for all things fashion. My personal style choices didn’t always align with hers exactly, but I always appreciated the risks she took in the name of style and how she lived and breathed fashion.

But now, what might have seemed "out there" or even "tacky" suddenly seems cool. I’ll blame it on the ever-present nostalgia in the fashion industry and its impulse to recycle decades-old trends. And right now, it seems like just the right moment for pieces from the early 2000s to start bubbling back up. Many of the trends Carrie Bradshaw wore are returning, and I have a hunch she would wear many of them again in 2018. Ahead, shop the six pieces you’d be sure to see her wearing on a stroll down the streets of New York.