13 Summer 2018 Trends Carrie Bradshaw Wore 13 Years Ago

Important question: Does the internet need yet another article about Carrie Bradshaw's style? Maybe not, but here's why I think we need to talk about her just one more time: I believe that Carrie was leading the charge for a tonne of trends 13 years (and more) ago and that these predicted some of the biggest looks for 2018. Now, you could say that fashion is cyclical and that the outfits she was wearing then have just come back around again. But some of the pieces she was wearing then were kind of niche (e.g., naked shoes) and weren't as big back then. However, many of her signature pieces are all the rage now. If you're a massive fan of Sex and the City and can't get enough of Carrie Bradshaw's style (hi, everyone), then I suggest you keep scrolling to see all the trends she predicted and where to shop key pieces now.