Carrie Bradshaw Would Wear These Zara Capris, and So Will I

You think I'm joking? I'm not. Over the years, cropped pants have blatantly replaced capri pants. But, folks, let me tell you, in case you have forgotten, they are not the same thing. Cropped pants hit a few inches above your ankle, and capris hit a few inches below your knee. And you know who rocked capris better than anyone I know? Carrie freaking Bradshaw. She sported the style during nights out in New York with her squad, to walk her boyfriend's dog, and everywhere in between. That's the capri life I'm ready for.

To be completely fair, I haven't even thought about capris since the fifth grade, but while scrolling through Zara yesterday, I discovered this look and mildly freaked out. I thought to myself, Carrie Bradshaw would 100% wear this and that makes me want to wear this too. I then started digging through old Sex and the City outfits and discovered many capri ensembles worn by Carrie herself, further convincing me that Zara may officially be bringing back the pant style we all wore in grade school. I plan on wearing mine with clear kitten heels like these and a flowing blouse like this for maximum Carrie effect.

In case you're still wary, I dropped my favorite Carrie capri pant looks below, including the two pairs from Zara I just added to my cart. Get ready, people, peddle pushers are back.

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Sex and the City - Capri Pants



If this isn't the 2018 way to wear capris, I don't know what is. 

Carrie Bradshaw Outfits Sex and the City - Capri Pants


Getty Images

New going-out pants? I think yes.

Shop Zara's small but mighty selection of capris

In case you think I'm insane for wanting to wear capri pants again but do in fact enjoy a good cropped trouser, check out fresh ways to wear the style here

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