We Re-Created Carrie Bradshaw’s 7 Most Iconic Looks From All 6 Seasons

It might have been 20 years since Sex and the City first aired, but it remains a TV show we can't quite get enough of—proved by the recent explosion of the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc. Some of the outfits on the show might raise eyebrows now—there's the time Carrie wore a belt over her bare abs and who can forget her pinstripe pedal-pusher suit she wore to go dog-walking. However many of Carrie's favourite trends have re-emerged for 2018, including strappy stiletto sandals, slip dresses and silly (but fabulous) handbags. We re-created seven of her most iconic looks, from the tulle skirt she wore in Paris to her "Le French Fry" dress, to show how you can dress like Carrie without looking like you've forgotten the day of Halloween.