I Created Carrie Bradshaw's Under-£100 Capsule Wardrobe for Autumn

Carrie Bradshaw fall outfits: Carrie in fur coat


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First of all, who doesn't need a little Carrie Bradshaw in their lives (and wardrobes)? Whether she's flaunting her insane designer handbag collection or wearing an actual bird on her head (see the first movie), there's really nothing she can't pull off in her signature "Oh, this old thing?" style. It may have been 20 years since Sex and the City first aired, but the show is still one we watch reruns of just for its witty commentary and truly iconic fashion. It only takes one look at the viral Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc—which does exactly what it suggests: chronicle every noteworthy fashion moment from the show—to remember Carrie's best (and occasionally cringe-worthy) outfits.

Although everyone had a field day with the show's summer style, Carrie's autumn outfits are equally noteworthy but far less appreciated. Since she inadvertently predicted some of the biggest 2018 trends in the game over a decade early, so many of her autumn outfits feel just as relevant today. Remember when she styled a strong-shouldered blazer or took a risk and wore a pair of cargo trousers with her mules? I not only revisited her best autumn looks, but I also created a Carrie capsule wardrobe of her key pieces. If Carrie herself could actually budget, she'd be all over the following under-£100 pieces.

An '80s-inspired blazer

Okay, maybe skip the capri-length leggings and ballet flats with this, but embrace a little Carrie-esque drama in this strong-shouldered blazer.

Itty-bitty shoulder bags

It was the 2000s, and no one made baguette bags look chicer than Carrie Bradshaw herself. We have a strong feeling she'd be all over this leopard-print one from Topshop.

Slim oval shades

Since Carrie Bradshaw in athleisure is shocking enough as it is, I'm simply not going to address this one-off moment and instead direct your attention toward her very chic '90s-style oval sunglasses.

Throw a newsboy cap on it

Speaking of things I'm actively not addressing, Carrie is making all sorts of contradictions in this outfit. Nonetheless, there's something in me that wants to say it's all okay because she threw a very autumnal newsboy hat on top of it all, and (sue me) but it just works.

Make like Carrie and wear this velvet piece with a bright sweater.

Get yourself a statement jacket

One of our top style lessons from the Manhattanite herself? Be bold. While Carrie wore her fair share of eccentric accessories, you can still channel her attention-grabbing style through a statement-making jacket.

Pearl jewellery is experiencing a revival right now, meaning Carrie was way ahead of her time (but tell me something I don't know). This pretty baroque pearl necklace is the number one way to wear pearls à la Carrie but still feel current.

It bags, It bags, It bags

Her designer bag collection is obviously next-level, but to channel this particular Carrie look and not emerge broke on the other end, go for a similar (unbranded) belt bag.

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