These 10 New Dress Trends Are So Carrie Bradshaw Circa 2000

It may have been 20 years since episode one of Sex and the City aired, but we’ve never felt more inspired by Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe. We can thank the show for giving us a truly modern fashion icon—with eclectic taste and an enviable wardrobe to match. As well as SATC’s stellar writing and depiction of female friendships, fans tuned in week after week to see what Carrie would wear on the streets of Manhattan.

Did every episode leave you with serious shoe envy and an overwhelming urge to shop? We thought so. The legendary lead’s one-of-a-kind style started trends that are still influencing our wardrobes today. Unexpected layering and a more-is-more mentality? Totally Carrie inspired. Her unmistakable flair for style means she remains a Who What Wear muse to this day. Mention that fur coat or that tutu dress, and fashion fans’ ears prick up.

Everyone has their favourite Carrie look (it’s the white dress all the way for this writer), and we know we’re the only ones who added a flower corsage to a dress after Miss Bradshaw did it in the noughties. This week, whilst browsing the new-in sections, we got to thinking—so many of the hottest dresses this season seem incredibly Carrie-esque. Keep scrolling to see our picks, inspired by our favourite print-clashing, Manolo-obsessed protagonist.