Profiled: Caroline Issa's Must-Know Tips for Growing Your Career

In the fashion world, we’re lucky that we have so many successful women to look up to and whose careers can guide us. From big names like Anna Wintour and Jenna Lyons to lesser-known ones (though no less inspiring), there’s no shortage of female power. And high up on the list of women to admire, there’s Caroline Issa.

There is perhaps no other individual currently working in fashion who has seen the industry from as many angles as the Canada-born Issa has. She began with a modelling gig in Milan, became a management consultant for retail and consumer brands, and is now the chief executive and fashion director for Tank magazine. Oh, and she also happens to be one of the most photographed street style stars in the world—and she just launched her own line at Nordstrom. Busy much? Well, she’s not too busy to share what she’s learned throughout her 16 years in the business. We caught up with her and picked her brilliant mind about everything from childhood dreams to being a female entrepreneur.

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