7 Tips to Take Your Career Further From Sarah Jessica Parker

In this month's issue of InStyle, Sarah Jessica Parker discusses the best ways to grow in your career, whatever it may be, in light of creating her fabulous shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, last spring. Here are some of our favourite tips from the article:

On Learning
?"I take advantage of the wisdom and experience of those around me who have been in the business for a really long time."

On Choosing Projects
"If I say yes a lot, I can't be involved to the degree that I am in my projects, and I also can't be the kind of mother, wife, or friend that I want to be."

On Being Kind
"I don't like when I've made someone feel bad... It's much easier to simply apologise quickly."

On Recognising Opportunities
"What makes people successful is being curious, and listening."

On Failure
"Do not allow failure to be your undoing."

On Inspiring Others
"Too often the instinct is, if something is not done right, to just do it yourself... The challenge is to teach the person how to do the task better and think differently."

On Taking a Break
"For my team, it's that we'll stop at nothing for an Instagram shot for @sjpcollection... I am much more courageous because it feels like it's outside myself—like I wouldn't do something crazy just for me. But it's for the shoes."

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