Expert Career Advice You Haven't Heard (Straight From J.Crew's CEO)

Looking to land your dream job and move to the next level in your career? Of course you are. Well, as Racked pointed out from an exclusive interview on, successful J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler has some expert career advice just for you. 

"The advice I give [to students] is the same thing I give my kids: Work hard, work smart, don’t think that a title makes someone who they are," Mickey told's Nicole Phelps. As he continued, Mickey recounted a recent speech at the City College of New York, where he had to squeeze advice into a 45-second time slot. "I said, 'Work hard, work smart, listen, and learn. Keep listening and learning.' I’m going to add to this list: Get back up when you’ve been knocked down. Don’t believe a lot of what you hear. Don’t be fooled by someone’s pedigree or résumé. And trust your gut. Be relentless in your pursuit, but be nice and respectful toward all others." Whoa. Well, that's some pretty solid advice. He also credits his success to his curiosity—his particular drive to find answers—and his continued practice of his craft.

There you have it. Do you agree with Mickey's advice? Sound off in the comments below. And shop J.Crew's perfect assortment of professional clothing too.