Cara Delevingne's Cool New Tattoo Is Not What You'd Expect

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to inking her body up—the British It-model regularly returns to Lower East Side tattoo artist Bang Bang when she gets the tattoo itch. She did the same for her latest body art, which is a little bit different from the all-black, nature-inspired designs she's gotten before.

Delevingne's latest ink is more of a rarity in the tattoo world: one done in white ink. It reads "breathe deep" in script, and is on the same arm as her "silence" tattoo, done in a slightly thicker black script. White ink tattoos have a number of interesting qualities: they glow under UV light and can often be kept hidden after they heal due to the lightness of the dye—we have to wonder whether Cara was urged to get a white tattoo because of her modelling contracts, or she simply was into the idea of a white tattoo.

As we've seen, tattoos can certainly be a stylish addition to any It-girl's overall look. What do you think of Cara's new ink? Sound off in the comments below!